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Elite (4 Course) Plated Sit Down Catering Service

($65 per person)

Includes: Appetizers, Salad, Dinner, Dessert, & Drinks


Your 4 Course Meal Includes:

  • Social / Appetizer Hour (4 appetizers)

  • Water & sweet tea or lemonade

  • Plated Salads with 2 dressing options

  • Plated Dinner with 2 meats, 2 sides, & bread

  • Plated custom 2 layer dessert cake (2"x2")


Your Elite 4 Course Sit Down Catering Service consists of:

  • Formal porcelain dinnerware including: dinner plate, salad plate, dessert plate, dinner fork, dessert fork, spoon, butter knife, cloth napkins, water/drink glass, and wine glass.


  • Your guest seated meal will be plated and served individualy and concluded within a 2 hour window (any additional time must be negotiated).


  • All dinnerware will be cleared immediately at the conclusion of dessert.


Seated Meal Service

(Does Not Include Food)

($16 per person)


Service Includes:

  • Your meal will be plated and served to each individual seated guest by our staff. Your meal will be served on formal disposable dinner plates with matching formal disposable silverware. Your seated meal will be served and all dinner trash will be disposed of within a 2 hour window beginning at the requested serving time.


Seated Drink Service

(Water & Lemonade or Tea Included)

($6 per person)


Service Includes:

  • Your selected drinks will be served and replenished in pitchers to each guest table.


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